Star of Bethlehem

Author: adminsanta
August 14, 2014
Star of Bethlehem

Rick Larson

Christian lawyer Rick Larson has created a compeling documentary on the real Star of Bethlehem. This video is ls an excellent story of Larson’s pursuit of the truth and whether an actual star hovered over Bethlehem as Matthew has writen in the gospels. Once viewed, this documentary may convince you that the Star of Bethlehem was not a fictional symbol to convince and impress early Christians, but an actual astronomical event that signaled the birth of a King.

Star of BethlehemWhile researching the birth of Christ in preparation of teaching a class for his church, attorney Rick Larson became intrigued by whether the star mentioned in Matthew’s gospel was an actual event. This mystery sent Larson on an intensive search – using historical records and modern scientific research – for the truth. The results of his research are presented in a critically acclaimed DVD documentary, The Star of Bethlehem, from Producer Stephen McEveety of MPower Pictures (The Passion of the Christ) as well as in live presentations

Exploring the exciting truth of Scripture and revealing the evidence for God’s existence as seen in the stars above, through The Star of Bethlehem, Rick Larson walks audiences through Biblical and historical clues revealing the incredible significance of this celestial event as well as the vastness of God’s creativity.

There are no signs of the popularity of Larson’s presentation diminishing. It has repeatedly been the Number One independent documentary in the world. “Those lists change weekly or even daily and it doesn’t mean quite as much as it sounds like it means,” Larson explained “It just means there is a big rush of sales; there will be a rush for a few weeks and you’ve made Number One. But, the fact that it’s done that a few times and the fact that it has done that on Amazon several times tells me that it’s good stuff.” With all the purchases, the live presentations and the video streaming, Larson estimates that over 100 million people have seen the The Star of Bethlehem.