Letters To Santa Claus

Author: adminsanta
August 14, 2014

Writing a letter to Santa Claus can be a rewarding experience for both child and parent. The belief in Santa Claus becomes magnified when the child is able to hold in their hand a document that has arrived from the North Pole with their name on it.

Letters To Santa ClausThe writing of the letter by a parent for a younger child still unable to read is obviously very simple since the youngster has no way of knowing what is being written. The same holds true if the parent has Santa send back a reply and in that case the act of actually mailing the letter, stamp and all is not necessary. For a child 3 years old or younger a letter can simply be removed from an envelope and none the wiser.

For children in their early school years writing Santa a letter can be both fun and educational. Allowing the child to speak to Santa directly through their letter is exciting and makes for a very personal experience. A child’s imagination can be limited however by their basic writing skills so they will probably need help from Mom or Dad.

The creation of a wish list in the letter can be useful for a parent because it gives them a guideline as to what the child wants for Christmas. However, a parent should provide some level of editing as the child writes their letter to protect them from disappointment come Christmas morning should the wish list be impossible to fill.

The writing and mailing of a letter to Santa is only half the experience for a child between the ages of four and ten. Once mailed the child will undoubtedly be hoping for a reply from Santa and the authenticity of that reply may have an impact on that child’s reason to believe. On one hand a generic response may be a signal to the child that Santa did not actually read their letter. Conversely, a letter from Santa that sounds too familiar, like its Mom or Dad responding to their wishes, can also be a signal that Santa had no role in its creation.

Letters To Santa ClausThe companies that specialize in creating professional letters from Santa might be the way to go for a parent who feels the manufacturing of a response from the North Pole is beyond their creative talents. However, with today’s computers, printers, publication and photo shop programs an authentic letter from Santa can be easily made. If you’re handy with the printer settings you can even create a believable North Pole postmark as well.

The whole process can be very worthwhile when you see the look on your child’s face as they open Santa’s response. It is cold hard proof that Santa Claus does exist and in fact personally responded with a letter from the North Pole addressing their request for Christmas presents. For a child, the magic of Christmas doesn’t last forever so enhance it with this yearly ritual of writing a letter to Santa.

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